We provide a comprehensive range of services ‘The Complete Package’ from the initial concept design and planning of your project including resource consent applications, /services for up to 5 years.

If you would like more information on the services we provide please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Landscape Design

We can provide you with a concept, planting plans and details, plant schedule and planting specifications, resource consent applications.

Plant and Supply

Locally grown plants for local conditions delivered and planted correctly.


Commercial and Industrial Landscaping

Large scale commercial and industrial estates.


Residential Landscaping

Restoration and rejuvenation of your existing garden or a complete re-build.

 Maintenance Services

Regular monitoring of plant health spraying for pest and disease

Weed control/eradication, spraying, scrub barring


 Arboricultural Services

Tree removals, pruning (shaping, reduction, restoration)

Stump grinding


Rope Access Planting

Have a difficult site to access no problem we can do it.

Plant Orders

Place a plant order and we will grow your plants for the following planting season. This will give you peace of mind that you’ll have suitable well-grown stock for your project.


Native Plants

We collect all of our plant material & seed within the Wellington ecological district (eco-sourced).


 Site Analysis

Initial site visit with pre-planting site preparation planning.


 Native Re-vegetation and Riparian Planting

We have a wide selection of eco-sourced native re-vegetation and riparian stock available, planting contractors.


 Herbicidal and Mechanical Releasing

A crucial component of any project is the on-going maintenance of the plants through the establishment phase typically the first 3 years.


Maintenance Schedules

A detailed maintenance schedule can be designed according to suit your project and plant/species requirements ranging from one to five years.



Supply and installation of irrigation systems most suitable for your project and budget, from pop ups to drip feed irrigation.


 Other Services

Hydro seeding including native hydro seeding.

Instant lawn

Bark Mulching aids with weed suppression, water retention in the soil and adds organics as it breaks down.

Plant guards and staking a number of options are available depending on the site and conditions present.

Native Revegetation & Restoration Planting

Commercial & Industrial Landscaping

Residential Landscaping

Landscape Concept Plans/Drawings

 Other Services